CERATONIA'S quality policy

CERATONIA recognizes the critical importance of quality and consistency in all its products. We consider  the implementation of  industry leading quality standards as a key  to the growth and success of our business and that of our customers.

We implemented a thoroughly documented quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015. We strive to achieve our high quality through the involvement and motivation of all CERATONIA employees and suppliers. It is the aim of CERATONIA to meet and exceed the expectations for quality of all of its customers. 

New products are a challenge but also an opportunity for new applications and markets. We work hard to assure that our customers are always one step ahead with our diamond products so they can increase their competitiveness. The continuously evolving needs of our customers are very important to us. 

CERATONIA is committed to:

•     pursue a  regimen of continuous improvement and  focus of management resources  to achieve industry leading quality standards.
•     disclose its objectives  and its measured performance on these quality standards, within the company as well as to  our customers and all interested parties.
•     cooperate closely with its customers  to understand their continuously evolving requirements and needs.
•     adopt a forward-looking  strategy with respect to future business decisions that affect  the quality of our products and services.
•     train its employees thoroughly in the requirements and responsibilities of quality management
•      comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
•     Incorporate health, safety and accident prevention practices as an integral element of our business and to be environmentally responsible in all of our functions.