Micron powder synthetic

Synthetic METAL:     CM–M (Metalbond)

The CM-M is synthetically produced under high pressure and temperature conditions and guarantees a stable grit shape with high impact strength thanks to a blocky grain shape. The few inclusions allow higher resistance to high temperatures. CM-M is ideal for most sensitive lapping and surface applications. The high strength of single crystals with a mostly cubo-octahedral crystal shape make CM-M ideal for grinding applications in glass, tungsten carbide and polishing of natural stone and PCD.


Synthetic RESIN:     CM–R (Resinbond)

The variety of cutting edges which CM-R offers, makes the crystals extremely cut-off. Mosaic - like structures and the irregular, less-blocky particle shape create the optimal properties for gentle polishing and lapping with lower cutting forces compared to CM-M or CM-MB. CM-R allows fast cutting without crystal fracture and is aimed at smooth surfaces with slightly reduced removal capacity compared to CM-M.