Company philosophy

As a principal supplier of processed and high quality diamond and CBN cutting materials, we are aiming to be number 1 in Europe and further expand this position geographically. This includes the supply of custom-made blanks of polycrystalline diamond cutting materials, diamond grit and diamond powders  for  all applications.  To achieve our goal we will continue to grow profitably, as we  have continuously since 1996.

To  be number one, we consider the quality of our products and services as our business card. Our customers set the standard - we master the processes in order to deliver our cutting materials  with  consistent quality  and exceptional service. Innovation and customer/application specific solutions  guide us on the way to the future, not only relating to our cutting materials and services, but to our  company infrastructure and processes.

Each employee contributes to the success of our company on the basis of cost-consciousness, performance-orientation and  commitment to the  entire team. Through regular guidance and training, clear performance objectives  and  ongoing education we develop and foster the skills and competences of our employees. All our actions are motivated by our sense of responsibility towards our customer,  our society and the environment.

Our customers are the focus of all our activities, since  our future depends on them. From the managing director to the trainee, they pay our salaries. The satisfaction and confidence of our customers is the essential basis for our market dominance. To be successful, our customers need strong partners. Partners who advise, support and offer innovative solutions at the best possible price / performance ratio.

Every customer is different. By remaining flexible, we are able to recognize alternatives and develop  innovative and optimal solutions. We understand the customer by listening to and understanding his needs and also working with him as we investigate alternatives. 

At Ceratonia, we strive to be reliable partners, so we speak openly and honestly with our customers, for example about delivery and the quality of our products. We respect the wishes of our customers and deliver precisely and on time. We continually improve our process organization and reduce throughput times. This is the only way to create an honest partnership between ourselves and our customers for the  benefit of both.

With our diamond and CBN cutting  materials, we provide our customers application specific solutions that add value to their products and deliver the best tools  to meet their requirements.

Being guided by the needs of our customers, we are on the right path to create a close partnership through the trustworthy and discreet exchange of essential information for the development of a quality tool.

New superabrasives are a challenge, but also the opportunity for new applications and markets. We want our customers to be one step ahead by using our "Superabrasives" and increase their competitiveness. The ideas and requests of our customers are very important for us to achieve a win-win situation for both partners. At this point, we would like to thank our existing customers for their confidence.