CERAMICRON - micron powder for precision grinding and polishing applications

CBN micron powder is generally used for precision grinding and polishing applications on ferrous materials. It is suitable for resin, metal and vitrified bonds, as well as for the production of pCBN and grinding compounds.



amber coloured, monocrystalline micron powder. Very good suitability for ceramic and galvanic bond tools with best results in lapping and polishing ferruginous surfaces.

black, monocrystalline micron powder with irregular partical shape and long cutting edges. Good macro fracture properties and perfect for grinding tool steel and hard superalloys.

dark brown monocrystalline micron powder with high strength. Recommended for ambitious applications in ceramic and metal bonding


  • hardened high speed steel (HSS)
  • high alloyed tool steel with min. 55 HRC
  • case hardened steel
  • iron based powder coating
  • hard cast iron
  • soft steel types for certain applications
  • stellite
  • nickel based super alloys