Polycrystalline diamond (CERADITE PCD) tool blanks are delivered according to customer specified cutting edge dimensions (cuts) or as blanks. The pellets are made of diamond micron-powder and a cobalt matrix. The extremely high thermal conductivity allows the deflection of high temperatures from the cutting edge at the same time the material has a 500 times higher abrasive capacity than hardened metal.

PCD tools replaced hardened metals, ceramics and diamonds in a series of high performance applications. The tools can be re-sharpened by regrinding and laser cutting the cutting edge. This way the tool can be reused over again which results in a higher lifetime. The extremely high life time in conjunction with high productivity compensates, in the most cases, the higher costs for PCD tools and lowers the processing costs per work piece.

Typical applications are lathing, milling, drilling, cutting and chamfering. The materials that are being processed are high abrasive non-ferrous metals like SiAl materials, ceramics, epoxy reinforced plastics and compounds and refined wood products (saws, chippers). PCD tools are used in automotive engineering and in the industrial sectors of aviation and spacecraft engineering (aerospace materials, graphite reinforced compounds), electronics and optics. The coarse-grained PCD performs excellently in special tools for drilling or milling of construction materials and in processing of concrete surfaces.

Due to the affinity of iron and diamond, PCD tipped tools are not suitable for the processing of steel, cast iron or other ferrous materials.

For an optimal life time and surface quality CERATONIA offers a wide range of CERADITE PCD blanks in different compositions (matrix) and grit sizes.

Standard products are full-round blanks which can be cut on the tool manufacturers own eroding or laser cutting machine. Cut pieces (rectangular, triangular or shaped plates) in different thicknesses (usually 1.6 mm, 2.0 mm or 3.2 mm) are also available. For special applications we are able to produce the most unusual shapes, grit sizes and thicknesses.

The choice of the optimal cutting material for a polycrystalline diamond tool is determined by its typical application. Criteria are the quality of the surface and the expected life time. Parameters like machining volumes, material geometry and work piece material take influence on productivity, life time, and surface quality.

CERADITE PCD qualities differ in their grit sizes. The bigger the diamond grit size, the higher the wear resistance to abrasion but the rougher the surface quality of the workpiece material. The finer the diamond grit size, the better the surface quality of the cutting edge and the work piece with reduced service life. The grain distribution of the matrix has an additional influence on the PCD density. In this domain the different PCD manufacturers differentiate their products.

In cooperation with tool manufacturers optimized PCD types with higher wear resistance and optimal surface quality have been developed.

Type W: tools, that are to be eroded or already are eroded, also wood processing

Type S: Standard type with universal applications

Type M: for abrasive materials with a high proportion of additives (e.g. silicon)


  ultrafine fine medium mixed grit coase
Binder contens slightly increased   CD 02W CD 10W CD 25W
Standard diamond contents CD S01 CD 02S CD 10S CD 25S
Diamond content increased     CD 10M CD 25M

circular semi-blanks or with customer-specific cutting dimensions

Circular blank dimensions

Diameter: 45mm
Overall thickness: 1.5mm / 2.0mm
PCD layer: 0.5mm / 0.8mm
Grain sizes available: 10μ / 25μ / 10+2μ / 30+2μ

To check the PCD layer, we supply CERAPAX PCD blanks as circular semi-blanks.

Custom cuts are laser-cut as per drawing specifications.

free-standing PCD for cutting

CERASOLID PCD is supplied as circular blanks or at customer-specific cutting dimensions.

Circular blank dimensions

Diameter: 45mm
PCD layer: NEW 0,8mm / 1.0mm / 2.0mm
Other dimensions are available on request.
We supply all CERASOLID types with a polished and unpolished surface.

Custom cuts are laser-cut as per drawing specifications. Other dimensions are available on request.

for dressing, thermally stable. Available in various dimensions and cuts.