Company history

CERATONIA was founded in 1996 and  chose the company name to reflect its market focus on diamond. CERATONIA derives from the Latin word carob tree, which is "CERATONIA Siliqua". Its dried seeds were used as  the unit of measure for weighing precious stones. 
CERATONIA is the leading independent  European supplier and service provider of superabrasive materials with  the foremost knowledge of this industry. First class quality of ultra-hard superabrasive materials and related customer specific services are reflected in our business card, "quality diamond for brilliant tools".  CERATONIA celebrated its twentieth anniversary in June 2016.

It was 1996 when the market price for high-quality synthetic diamond saw grit had fallen from $ 4.20 / ct to an incredible $ 1.50 / ct. "This was not the perfect moment to start  a new company in the diamond industry," recalls CERATONIA founder Reiner Dümpert. Today the price for diamond grit is  considerably less than in 1996. In  20 years, prices have halved further  for nearly all  grades and sizes of diamond grits, powders and polycrystalline cutting materials. In China, the production of the raw material with the fascinating name "Diamond" has been  continuously increased, since the Chinese adopted western technology and having their exports frequently subsidized. Industrial diamond products  have become universally available, forcing even large diamond suppliers in China to reduce their costs in order to respond to market price pressure. Now, however, the world's unbelievable rise in energy prices is forcing  many Asian producers to end this trend after 25 years and to raise prices for the first time.

 CERATONIA  attributes its ongoing success in this very competitive market to two things: First is the unbreakable will of the owner Reiner Dümpert and his motto: "Whoever ceases to be better will not be  good anymore."  Second, Reiner Dümpert is  convinced that the industry needs an independent diamond  supplier who can  provide diamond cutting materials "Just in Time".  Reiner advises: "I also see ourselves as the extended arm of our customers' purchasing departments - the companies are looking for the right superabrasives in the perfect price-performance for their tools and are happy to use our know-how."

Talking about the company founding Reiner Duempert, the tall entrepreneur, tells the story of the mid-nineties when, as a regional sales manager at General Electric, he learned all about the diamond business.  Dümpert recalls that back then he saw himself acting as an entrepreneur within GE,  striving for success and recognition  as well as constant improvement,  both professionally and personally. "Even after 22 years of experience in the industry, I  still  take great satisfaction to inspire people  about our products and convince them of our attractive price-performance  capabilities."

The entrepreneur studied mechanical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Schweinfurt. After his first working experience in the export department at FAG Kugelfischer (now Schaeffler Group), he was responsible for establishing a new sales department  for hydraulics in the USA from 1986 to 1988.

This was actually the first step into self-employment, because Dümpert's  position was that of a pure one man show. After three years with FAG, the USA sales department had grown to a subsidiary with four employees. Dümpert sees himself as an advisory engineer, not just as a merchant. "Every customer has  their own, often specific and unique requirements.  Our focus  is  to solve the customer’s  problems", he mentions emphatically. The CERATONIA team of employees will be happy to advise their customers individually and on the spot about the different cutting materials. As an independent supplier, CERATONIA has the advantage of finding exactly the  product(s) the customer needs. This is only one of many advantages of CERATONIA. Dümpert`s vision of a  quality supplier is definitely a win-win-situation for both sides.

After another six years  with General Electric Germany, he started  his own business in the diamond and CBN commodity sector as a supplier for sawing, grinding, dressing and machining tool  products. With  his prior business experience and established contacts in the market, it was a well-planned step into self-employment.  ‘Being a man with rough edges - like a diamond’ - as a former boss  commented to him, he was well prepared to prevail against the fierce winds of competition.  Over the years new equipment and processes were developed to meet customer needs and expectations.  Microscopes and vision systems were employed to provide more sophisticated and accurate measurement capabilities. Laboratory equipment for sorting and screening diamond powder and grits were procured.  Lasers were purchased for producing PCD segments of all shapes and sizes.  And cleaning processes and equipment were developed to meet ever evolving customer requirements.  The facilities were periodically renovated and expanded to accommodate the new equipment and the 20 employees currently serving CERATONIA customers. 

CERATONIA’s success is due in large part to the close cooperation of its employees.  The individual skills and proficiency of each employee   are paramount in serving CERATONIA’s customers. One of the working principles is that always two or more employees are familiar with  each process and procedure, so  deliveries and service are not interrupted during holiday periods. This security gives  CERATONIA the freedom  to invest time in developing new  products  and expanding customer relationships. The long-standing cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin layer (IS) is  an integral part of CERATONIA’s business.

In 1998 CERATONIA recognized the potential of the Ceradress CVD thick-film polycrystalline diamond for dressing tools.  "We introduced CVD diamond in Europe, made it popular and received the pioneer award from the supplier Norton, now a St. Gobain subsidiary."   As demand developed, CERATONIA supplied the polished Ceraton-CVD polycrystalline diamond  for cutting tools, which offers a longer life with better surface finishes compared  with PCD. The  prompt delivery of the Ceradress and Ceraton products according to  proprietary drawings is highly appreciated by CERATONIA customers. CERATONIA offers new grit coatings, which offer additional technical advantages. Top priority is to deliver uniform high quality products  according to the customer’s specific  technical and application requirements.

"As a raw material supplier we are directly involved in  our customers workflow and  CERATONIA is committed to be reliable, to meet deadlines, to deliver products in the desired quality and quantity. These are the conditions for a successful and long-lasting business relationship", explains Reiner Dümpert, who is already creating visions for the next 20 years.