Superabrasives Diamond grits

Diamond, still the hardest material available, is divided into two categories since the development of the high-pressure synthesis: naturally grown and synthetically produced diamonds. The synthetically produced diamonds is one of the commonly used superabrasives for non ferrous materials in the industry today; along with boron nitride for the processing of ferrous hard materials. Moreover diamond offers an excellent thermal conductivity and is more and more used in the electronics and communication technology as heat sink.

It is used in nearly all non ferrous metal applications e.g. in the automotive and aerospace industry, the machine/apparatus building industry. The synthetic diamond from CERATONIA varies in different standard qualities. They can be used for almost eyery application task. The intended purpose is determined in consultations with the tool manufacterer. Additionally CERATONIA offers the product groups CNF (metal bond) and CRG for resin and ceramic bond applications.


Natural grits


CN-P                      crushed and whole crystals
CN-WS whole stones and crystals
CERADRILLS whole stones and slightly processed crystals
CN-NCW non crushed white crystals
Needles / Longs processed elongated longs


Diamond grits synthetic

CERAGRIT - Saw grit synthetic


CNF Saw grit
CNF-E                     Saw grit for electroplating bonding


CERADIA - Abrasive grit synthetic

CMG coated abrasive grit
CMG-E                     abrasive grit for electroplating bonding
CNF abrasive grit for metal bond
CNF-E abrasive grit for electroplating bonding
CRG abrasive grit for resin bond