The high vacuum furnace WTH 200 for brazing diamond tools consists of a double-walled, water cooled, cylindric container made of stainless steel. The heating coil is situated within the chamber, protected by an inner cylinder. This way the batch can not get in contact with the electrified heating conductor.

The furnace chamber opens with the help of an oil suspended air cylinder to a working table height where it can be loaded (bottom loader). This way the usable space is accessible from every side. The usual brazing temperature lies within a range of 780°C and 950°C.

For outgassing purposes the furnace can be heated up to 1050°C. Due to the isolation higher temperatures are possible. The heating is carried out by a molybdenum multi-wire heater. The dimensions of the useful space are 200 mm x 330 mm (diameter x height). If the detailed construction makes it absolutely necessary, the diameter can be reduced to 190 mm. To ensure easy accessibility when loading and unloading, the opening of the furnace is 440 mm. The cylinder and the cover are water cooled by a structure of coercion.