Brazing paste

High vacuum brazing

CERABRAZE VAC 780 L10 is suitable for high temperature brazing of diamonds, ceramic-metal composites, ceramic, saphire, graphite, aluminum, zircon and beryllium to normal substrates like sintered hard carbide, stainless steel and other materials without the use of molybdenum manganese or other metallization methods. Sintered hard carbide is the substrate of choice for diamonds due to it ́s still acceptable thermal expansion coefficient. The cohesiveness of the soldered connection, that can be attained by using CERABRAZE VAC 780 L10 active brazing paste, depends on the carrying materials, the temperature as well as the quality of the used vacuum.

In general it’s safe to say that no failures of the produced cohesion with diamonds (or ceramic) will occur subject to optimized brazing parameters.

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Brazing on carbide

CERABRAZE 690 can be applied for all conventional soldering methods, flame brazing and induction soldering. Typical areas of application exist in the tool industry. Free standing diamond (CERATON CVD), Symono-diamond (product name of company Ceratonia for synthetic monocrystals) or natural diamond needs an active brazing alloy for thermal fixing on a medium (ideally carbide). Diamond needs an active brazing alloy for thermal fixing on a medium.

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